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  Link   The Power of Education - Dr. Na'im Akbar
  Link   The New Orleans Charter School Revolution-Ten Years After Katrina
The New Orleans Charter School Revolution-Ten Years After Katrina" downhill discussion hosted by Roland Martin.
  Link   Distance Learning plus Black students struggling with literacy equals failure
We canít forget that COVID-19 reveals that our education system needs profound improvements to manage virtual learning for students struggling with reading!
  Link   Roland Martin Presents: Is School Choice The Black Choice? [Full Town Hall]
The NAACP and The Movement for Black Lives, a group of 50 organizations assembled by Black Lives Matter, called for a moratorium on new charter schools this month, declaring they promote segregation and disrupt Black communities.
  Link   Afrocentric Education As A Human Right (5/19/2013) - Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford
Dr. Adelaide Sanford retired as a New York State Regent for Education. A strong defender of African students in the schools of New York City she was one of the first major educators to speak up for Afrocentric education. She became a household name f
  Link   5 Benefits of African-Centered Education
1)Develops African Culture Consciousness; 2)Creates African Self-Identity; 3)Produces African-Institution Builders; 4)Produces Black Nation Builders; 5)Empowers Black Students.
  Link   Morehouse College Valedictorian REJECTS Rhodes Scholarship!!!
Dr. Kwaw "Andreas Woods" Imana - valedictorian at Morehouse back in 2000 - beautifully articulating his reasons for rejecting the Rhodes Scholarship. He got a 4.0 majoring in mathematics and went on to become the first Black man in the history of the


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